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Tim Kehl

Since the initial release of miRPathDB, tremendous progress has been made in the field of microRNA (miRNA) research. New miRNA reference databases have emerged, a vast amount of new miRNA candidates has been discovered and the number of experimentally validated target genes has increased considerably. Hence, the demand for a major upgrade of miRPathDB, including extended analysis functionality and intuitive visualizations of query results has emerged.
Background Micro(mi)RNAs are increasingly recognized as central regulators of immune cell function. While it has been predicted that miRNAs have multiple targets, the majority of these predictions still await experimental confirmation.
Motivation Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women. Tumors, even of the same histopathological subtype, exhibit a high genotypic diversity that impedes therapy stratification and that hence must be accounted for in the treatment decision-making process. Results Here, we present ClinOmicsTrailbc, a comprehensive visual analytics tool for breast cancer decision support that provides a holistic assessment of standard-of-care targeted drugs, candidates for drug repositioning, and immunotherapeutic approaches.