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Here, we present a list our central projects. Please visit the given links for more information about the respective projects.




The Biochemical Algorithms Library (BALL) is a C++ framework for rapid software prototyping in Computational Molecular Biology and Molecular Modeling.


The Biochemical Network library (BN++) is a comprehensive framework for modeling, analyzing, and visualizing biochemical pathways and networks.


The 'Cancer-Associated Proteins' database (CAP) is an integrated tool for analysing proteins that show an altered expression in certain tumor types.


The main goal of this project is the development of algorithms for predicting the 3D-structures of protein-protein complexes.



DrugTargetInspector is an interactive assitance tool for patient treatment stratification.


We are developing a web-based application, called GeneTrail, that facilitates the statistical evaluation of comprehensive genomic and proteomic data sets with respect to the enrichment of biological categories.




Sets of autologous antigen possess high potential for non invasive molecular diagnosis and monitoring. We are developing a statistical framework to perform an accurate diagnosis of various dieseases based on autoantibody profiles.


Since most biochemical processes require the presence of water, solvation effects play a major role that have to be modelled correctly in order to achieved reliable and meaningful binding energy and docking predictions. Therefore, we are developing improved continuum models for solvation.